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WhiteLeaf Marketing LLC offers strategic Marketing, Messaging and PR services to clients looking to reach key customers via precision campaigns. Our experience with clients ranges from Fortune 35 companies to 2-person startups. Whether it’s a green-related initiative, a new information technology solution, or a change-the-game business strategy, WhiteLeaf Marketing helps clients develop and execute marketing programs and campaigns to position for leadership in the market.

Jon G. Weisblatt
President, WhiteLeaf Marketing

Jon WeisblattJon Weisblatt is a proven leader in the marketing and communications fields. His enthusiasm, focus and strategic thinking lead to consistent results for clients. One of Jon’s key strengths is the ability to quickly grasp and net out the key messages in complex business or technology issues, and turning those messages into smart programs that make a difference with target audiences. Jon is relentless in his focus on clients’ success.

With more than 15 years of hands-on marketing and public relations experience, Jon has worked with industry-leading high-tech companies such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, SAP, Microsoft and VMware to develop global go-to-market strategies, partner marketing programs and media campaigns that have led to market leadership.

From 1998 through 2008, Jon was the Dell employee tapped to lead high-profile projects across the company. Throughout this period, he has worked closely with Dell’s most senior executives and was regularly recognized as a significant contributor to business results. Successes included the launch and sustaining media program around the Dell Precision Workstation and PowerConnect networking businesses, media campaigns around the Dell Services organization, and the most successful customer reference program that Dell has ever delivered.

In 2006, Jon was asked to position Dell as a leader in the emerging Green IT space. Leading a skilled team, Jon worked with global customers, product development teams, industry partners and corporate functions to create a leadership story for Dell and deliver it to market. The success and visibility of this work led to the integration of “green” content in every product marketing program from Dell, and ultimately the creation of a focused Data Center Infrastructure business unit to address customers’ top power, cooling and energy concerns. Jon then actively drove Dell’s Green initiatives in an expanded role, managing the integrated marketing content and programs for Green-related solutions that included virtualization, systems management and flexible/thin client computing.

Jon served as the inaugural Dell representative on the Board of Directors for the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, working closely with colleagues at Google, Intel, Pacific Gas & Electric, Lenovo and other industry-leading companies. Jon serves as a media spokesperson on green and power/cooling-related initiatives.

Prior to joining Dell, Jon had a history of delivering successful strategies and programs for clients, from his work in Washington, DC with Sprint Spectrum and the US Mint, and in San Francisco for clients such as Hewlett-Packard’s PC and Workstation divisions. Jon also worked as an opposition researcher in Washington during the 1994 election cycle.

Outside of work, Jon enjoys water-skiing, travel, and spending time with wife Karen and their two children, Ethan and Eliana.